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Ready for a RESET? Our 21 Day Health Reset Challenge Starts August 1st!

Are you TIRED of feeling tired?

So how are you feeling these days?  Do you find you’re carrying a lot more around your middle. And none of your old tricks for quick weight loss are working? You’ve done 3 days of Atkins, hit the gym a couple of times a week, cut back on alcohol or sweets–but none of this is working for you the way it once did?  

The truth is, menopause, and the preceding perimenopause, can wreak some serious havoc on our bodies and metabolism.  The old tricks we used to use to drop those 5-10 pounds don’t work anymore.
It’s an entirely different ‘ball game’ now that we’re over 40 (even some ladies in their 30’s!)

But we can help.  Let us teach you how to RESET your metabolism in just 21 days with our 21 Day Health Reset Challenge. NO crazy diets, shakes or pills. Just back to basics with real food, exercise, lots of education, and also important, some mind work!  Oh, and you’ll be surrounded by women your own age, with tons of morale support.  

If you’re interested in learning more about this upcoming special promotion, click on the link here.  We only run these types of challenges two times a year and this is one of them.

We’re keeping this program limited to a small group of women (less than 10), so if you want in, you’ll need to sign up early.

Until then, wishing you well and as always, yours in health,