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Welcome Tina Glasmann

Welcome Tina Glasmann

Introducing our newest WWF team member, Tina Glasmann.
Originally from Greensboro, North Carolina, Tina, her husband, and fur babies made their way to the Tampa Bay area in 2017 via Dallas, Texas.
Her 30-year background in the fitness industry includes a group fitness certification from AFAA, a personal trainer certification from NASM, as well certifications from Les Mills, Silver Sneakers and EnhanceFitness, a National evidence-based fitness program for older adults.
Tina is not just a personal trainer and fitness instructor.  Her corporate background includes building and running her own successful office furniture distribution business for 10 years from 2000-2010 so she brings along with her a keen sense of business development, management, and business systems.
As a breast cancer survivor, Tina’s passion for health and fitness has evolved to a deep desire to help other women realize the powerful impact fitness can have on their health.  
I am thrilled to have Tina on our team and I look forward to watching her share this passion with the ladies of Wise Women Fitness.
Yours in health,

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Holiday Self-Care 101

Holiday Self-Care 101

Now that we’re into the Christmas rush, it’s so important to practice good self-care.  To help you stay merry and bright, here are a few things to remember: 

~*~ Plans change.  People disappoint.  Traditions expire.  Release your expectations for the holidays and be open to surprise. 

~*~ Just because some people are fueled by drama doesn’t mean you have to attend the performance.

~*~ The calmer you are, the more time slows down, and the easier (and more joyful) it is to get everything done. 

~*~ Your presence is the best gift of all. 

~*~ Don’t try to please everyone.  Everyone is a whole lot of people.  

~*~ Every time you hear “home for the holidays” let it remind you to come back to the comfort and joy of your own Presence. 

During this busy holiday season, we can help you stay on track at Wise Women Fitness.  Want to learn more?  Come visit us and take a tour of the studio.

Until then, stay healthy, stay calm, and don’t forget to take care of YOU!

Yours in health,


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weight training for women

“I don’t want to bulk up!”

“I don’t want to bulk up!”

Is this your reason for not lifting weights?  I know, I know. You don’t want to bulk up, you just want to “tone.”  Is this your reason for not lifting weights?  If I had a dime for every time I heard this excuse…

If you think another hour on the treadmill or elliptical is going to “tone” you up, think again.

There’s only one way to tone muscle and that’s to use it.  You build muscle by contracting it to overcome the resistance of some force: gravity, your body weight or a dumbbell, for example.  The work of overcoming that resistance causes micro-trauma in the fibers, and it’s the repairing of that micro-trauma that builds muscle.

Plenty of women still believe the myth that lifting weights will make them bulky and shredded.  Trust me, unless you are willing to spend hours in the gym, monitor every bite you take and probably take male hormones and steroids, lifting weights will not make you bulky.

Very few women have the genetic make up and discipline it takes to bulk up.  Weight training will, however, make you stronger, leaner and healthier.  Here are the top three reasons you really need to begin lifting weights.

  1. Muscle burns calories and boosts metabolism.  Muscle is more metabolically active than fat. Even at rest, muscle is burning calories just to maintain and remodel muscle proteins. The real metabolic benefit of weight training doesn’t come just from adding muscles, though; it comes from using them. The process of repairing exercise-induced micro-trauma is energy-intensive, meaning you burn more calories than if your muscles weren’t repairing themselves. Because of the active nature of muscle fiber, a more muscular 150-pound woman will burn more calories than a less muscular 150-pound woman because a greater percentage of her weight is made up of active, calorie-consuming tissue.
  2. Weight training builds bones.  Bone tissue is continuously being broken down to supply the body with minerals and rebuilt to provide structural strength. When bone is subjected to stressful forces–like bearing the weight of the body or overcoming the resistance of weight training–it responds by producing more bone tissue. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates that more than 50% of women and 20% of men over the age of 50 will suffer a broken bone due to osteoporosis sometime in their lives. You can improve your odds by building strong bones with weight training. As an added bonus, the improved muscle function can also help you maintain your balance which helps prevent falls from happening in the first place.
  3. Weight training slows the aging process and fights diseases of aging.  Weight training increases the mitochondrial content of muscle tissue.  Mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cells, helping generate the energy that fuels cellular activity.  With age, our mitochondria can begin to malfunction, resulting in wider cellular damage and visible signs of aging.  A number of studies have found that regular exercise including resistance training can slow or even reverse the malfunctioning of mitochondria.  Resistance training has also been shown to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, lower resting blood pressure and improve blood lipid profiles.

A healthy weight training routine engages all the major muscle groups, trains the muscles to the point of fatigue to maximize the rebuilding process, and allows 48-72 hours of recovery time between training sessions.  The benefits of weight training are available to you whatever your age when you start and no matter how inactive you have been. A personal fitness trainer can help you design a safe and effective weight training program just for you.

At Wise Women Fitness, we take your health and fitness seriously, one baby step at a time.  Want to learn more?  Come visit us and take a tour of the studio.

Until then, stay healthy, stay educated, and stay informed!

Yours in health,


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couch potato

Couch Potato Excuses

What’s your excuse?

One of the biggest excuses I hear from ladies on why they don’t exercise, “I don’t have time.”

Well, my answer to that is, who does these days? I get it.  We’re all super busy with careers, family, some days it seems endless.

While I do not have children, I sometimes work crazy long hours each week , it seems I am chained to technology 24/7 and consequently,  I don’t always feel like exercising. 

BUT, what I have found is that the act of physical fitness enables me to continue my work with tons of energy AND at a “mature” age. 

We make the time for things that are important to us. 

Schedule exercise in and STICK TO IT.  Adapt and be flexible if the routine sometimes needs to be changed. Cut out the unimportant crap — surfing the net, watching television etc.  Cut out the excuses!

At Wise Women Fitness, we take your health and fitness seriously, one baby step at a time.  Want to learn more?  Come visit us and take a tour of the studio.

Until then, stay healthy, stay educated, and stay informed!

Yours in health,


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New Year’s Resolution? What Resolution?

New year’s resolution?  What resolution?

Every year, if you set a goal, follow a process and then quit, why do you think it would be different next time? First, don’t beat yourself up about it. Sometimes it takes many attempts before something clicks and you figure out how to live a healthy and fit lifestyle for the long-term. Just remind yourself that your health is very important and you can do this, no matter how many tries it takes!

The bottom line is that whatever forced you off track last time, will more than likely surface again. To overcome that roadblock, you need to develop a strategy for overcoming obstacles posed by work, kids, fatigue or lack of time.

Here’s some tricks to make sure any setbacks don’t actually set you back:

1. Fail to Plan or Plan to Fail

Outline any obstacles that have surfaced in the past or that you expect will surface in the future.  Once you have outlined the potential obstacles, then you can determine your strategies for overcoming them. You will be prepared – no surprises. For example, if you previously found work or family responsibilities got in the way of you achieving your goals, your strategy may be to book your workout appointments into your schedule like you would any other appointment. You will carve that time out for you, your most important asset! You would not cancel a business appointment with an important client or cancel your yearly physical with your doctor.  Likewise, you can’t cancel on your health! Another strategy may be to hire a personal trainer who will force you to stick to your exercise appointment or ask a friend to join you in a commitment to walk every day at lunch.  Another example may be that at about 2 months into your program, you always get bored with what you are doing and eventually give up. So instead, you outline a list of new activities you will try every 2 months.

2. Focus on Action Goals vs. Weight Loss Goals

Instead of setting weight loss goals, which can often take longer than we want, instead focus on what you need to do to achieve your goals. So instead of saying I’m going to lose 10 pounds this month, instead set the goal that you will do 12 strength workouts and 12 cardio workouts this month and drink 10 glasses of water everyday. Or set a goal that by the end of the month, you will be able to run for 10 minutes non-stop or you will participate in a local 5K or be able to run or walk a mile in one minute less than your current time. Action goals you can control directly whereas, weight loss goals can sometimes have you questioning whether the effort is worth the reward when you’re working so hard and not seeing the results as quickly as you like.

3. If You Hate it, Don’t Do It

If you absolutely detest the activity, it’s not going to be long before you start talking yourself out of your workouts. Find an activity that you enjoy and you’re going to be much more likely to maintain your commitment.

4. Be Realistic

Set goals that you know you can commit to even when life is crazy. Instead of saying you’ll exercise seven days a week and then one week, you only complete four workouts and you feel like a failure. Rather, four workouts are better than what you were doing before so you should be ecstatic! Instead, set a goal that you know 100% without a doubt, that you can commit to it and if you do anything more, it’s a bonus!

5. Don’t Quit!

Sometimes the outward changes take longer to surface. You need to understand that when you are exercising consistently, you are building an athletic machine that is developing enzymes, capillaries, mitochondria and the ability to exercise longer and harder without getting fatigued. You are increasing your body’s ability to mobilize and utilize fat as a fuel. These biochemical changes are happening internally and you can’t see them but they are making you a better fat-burning machine. Soon you won’t know what’s happening, but you’ll overcome plateaus and you’ll start looking and feeling better and dropping fat quickly! Stick with it!”

At Wise Women Fitness, we take your health and fitness seriously, one baby step at a time.  Want to learn more?  Come visit us and take a tour of the studio.

Until then, stay healthy, stay educated, and stay informed!

Yours in health,


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What has happened to the fitness industry?

The “New” Fat Loss/Fitness Industry

This is a POWERFUL guest blog post, courtesy of fellow fitness professional, Dan Wells.

What’s wrong with the fat loss industry? Lots of things. This one really lit a fire 🔥 under my a*s this week.

A certain Free Challenge program is making its way around the country. What is happening is destroying the industry. It’s destroying people’s relationships with their food and their image and is leaving a scattered trail of people who are now worse off then when they first started, here’s why……

Challenges are great, sometimes. The big problem is it creates an all out extreme effort and restriction mentality. This is translated through extreme caloric restriction and going to extremes with workouts, going 6 days a week and sometimes 2 times a day because the general public is taught that more exercise is better and less food is better and if they hit their goals, they will win a prize. This could be furthest from the truth and I believe is a contributing factor to why people fail in the long run.

Challenges are destroying people’s mindsets and are only perpetuating ideals that ultimately lead to unhealthy, non-sustainable lifestyle and ultimately, huge failure rates with massive rebound mentality. Even if a facility promotes not going to extremes, the average person rarely understands that extremes are not necessary for great results and ultimately do what they “think” is best, eating 1200 calories, working out to extremes.  I know this doesn’t work any better, I get my clients better results in just 3 days a week than 4, 5 or 6 days a week without going to extremes.

The free 6 Week challenge costs around $500 and if the contestant reaches a specific goal (which are very unrealistic) they get their money back.  Imagine what this is doing to people. A facility where I live ran it and only 3 out of 20 some reached their goals, eating 1200 calories and extreme exercise 6-7 days a week. For women especially, this is not only damaging their mindset but also their hormones and metabolism which is important to fat loss for women.

All while some guy is making millions of dollars off of this pretending to be some pariah helping save people’s gyms or helping them make money at the expense of real people who have real goals and real hopes.

I understand this post might not be well received by some.  But I am a professional who has mastered the long term sustainable results game with out going to extremes. Who has seen and fixed hundreds of damaged women and men and understands that workouts for fat burning is the least important thing to focus on. (Workouts don’t actually burn fat like most people thinks it does.) What matters more is what happens the other 23 hours out of the day.  It is my duty to call bullsh*t and stop looking the other way.

We need to do better, we need to teach lifestyle, learned strategies and behavioral modifications. We need to stop with the rah rah and give people what they really need, not orange lights, HR monitors, recycled meal plans or promises of 1000 calorie burn workouts. Not burpees to death just because they are tough.

Instead, quality training and nutrition that evaluates and meets each individual where they are at, and then progresses them from there. Yes, that’s hard to do and that’s where most places stop. That’s just not good enough anymore, at least not in my book.  People’s lives and health are at stake here and too many places are playing God but can’t deliver what it takes to truly improve people’s lives, mindset, health and fitness. It’s time for change, it’s time for the industry to get better not worse.  I’m not saying don’t do challenges, just recognize the psychology of the general public, and prevent them from going to extremes.  I know I started my business to change people’s lives and that means going beyond the norm and standing for quality not quantity.

At Wise Women Fitness, we take your health and fitness seriously, one baby step at a time.  Want to learn more?  Come visit us and take a tour of the studio.

Until then, stay healthy, stay educated, and stay informed!

Yours in health,


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Fitness after Fifty and Beyond.

Fitness after Fifty and Beyond
What’s holding you back?

We are all familiar with the phrase, “for a woman of your age.”  As in, you look pretty good (for a woman of your age).  You have a nice figure (for a woman of your age).  We’ve heard it a million times and so we believe it!  The message is clear, you are doing OK for an old fart.  “Wise Women Fitness’ mission is to remove this myth once and for all!”, says owner and personal trainer, Lynn Valaes.  “So many of my new clients walk in with the thought that they have limits based on their age, and while we do take their current fitness level into consideration when getting started, we do not talk about limits!!”

New research is proving that regular exercise is a big factor in not only improving the quality of life for older women but for longevity as well.  Exercise has been shown to reverse the signs of aging on the brain in cells at the mitochondria and in telomeres levels which are known indicators of longevity.

 “We’re also dispelling the myth that you have to work it till it hurts to have success,” says Valaes.  “Our whole method for success is to go at a pace that is comfortable, the whole point is just to get moving, not kill yourself doing it!”

Regular exercise can easily become a part of your weekly activities, especially for pre/post-menopausal women who find more time on their hands as their family obligations change.

What’s more, studies show that if you believe you are doing something beneficial by moving a bit more, your brain actually returns the health benefits, simply by your beliefs!

But science also tells us, it has to be enjoyable to be effective.  The old idea that you have to expend energy to lose weight has been flipped to the benefits of the energy that you get from exercising that makes the difference.  As Valaes puts it, “Our mind is a powerful thing when it comes to feeling well, a stressed-out body will hold on to weight.  Exercise produces endorphins that make us feel good, our brain tells our body we are healthy, and it answers with weight loss and a positive outlook!”

Let Wise Women Fitness put a smile on your face, one step at a time.  Come visit us for a free evaluation!

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3 generations

Tips for Staying Healthy as you Age

The 4 Best Ways to Age Well

Thinking about getting fit and staying healthy as we age can seem overwhelming. With all of the information overload on the web and social media, many feel a bit lost as to where to start and on what to focus. The following are simple (yet never easy!) steps to follow while addressing the best way to stay well as our bodies age.

  1. Nutrition: Yes, you are what you eat! We’ve heard the bad news about foods that can make us sick. But the good news is we can now focus on foods that can actually make us feel better. Following a balanced non-inflammatory diet, can not only keep us well, it can reverse previous damage! Plenty of high-fiber fruits, vegetables, and whole grains will not only help you feel better, it can fight disease. And don’t forget to stay hydrated. Dehydration is common and can cause a lack of energy and brain power in older adults. Water is also good medicine!
  1. Exercise: We all know it is an integral part of staying healthy during the aging process, but we seldom considerate fun.  Exercise can be more than fun, in fact, it can be euphoric! Even simple exercise programs cause your body to release endorphins which stabilize moods to fight anxiety and depression. It’s also a way to become part of a community which is next on this list!
  1. Community: As we age our relationships change. The kids leave the house, there may have been a divorce or death of a partner. With these changes comes a shift in our connection to others. Staying social is a key component to staying happy and healthy. It’s important to connect regularly with friends and family while making an effort to make new friends. Humans are tribe-like and need to be with others to stay well especially at the later stages of life.
  1. Sleep: We’ve all heard it’s important to get a good night’s sleep but more and more studies show that lack of sleep can make us sick. The following are some tips that can be helpful to those who have trouble sleeping: naturally boosting melatonin levels at night by avoiding artificial light (tv, computer, phone) at least an hour before bedtime. Make sure your bedroom is cool, quiet and dark. Go to bed at the same time every night and include a calming ritual of meditation or a bath.

Wise Women Fitness knows the upheavals in dealing with the aging process.  In many cases, women who join our program say they feel better than at any other stage in life.  We encourage women to challenge themselves in a gentle way and at their own pace. There is no reason that we should feel any less energetic and healthy in our later years.  Taking these 4 steps is a good place to start!

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Live with intention

Living with Intention: 5 easy steps to get started

Living with Intention: 5 easy steps to get started.

Does the term ” live with intention” sound familiar?  It seems to be the buzz these days. But what does it really mean?  Well if you ask Mary Anne Radmacher, author of “Live with Intention” it can be best explained in a simple poem.


Now let’s break it down to 5 steps to jump start our practice of intention:

  1. Identify your perfect day. Who are you with?  Where are you and what are you doing? This practice helps us envision our life as we would most want to see it. Many have benefited from creating a vision board.  It’s a fun exercise of identifying pictures from magazines that are meaningful to you and creating a collage. The finished product should be displayed somewhere in your home that you will look at it often.
  2. No more compare and despair! Many of us have the “social media addiction.” And experts say it’s a sure-fire way to get caught up in comparing ourselves to others. We see their smiling faces on an island somewhere in paradise and immediately think they are happier and richer than us. Comparing ourselves to others almost always leaves us feeling less than.
  3. Face your Fears. The greatest thing that holds us back in all facets of our life is fear. Anxiety levels, especially in women, are said to be at their highest these days. Staying present and dealing with one issue at a time is a good way to overcome our fears. Give yourself permission to not think about things that are in the past or future. Focus only on the here and now.
  4. Stop Overthinking. Women are the greatest offenders of this! And it is easily explained. Men’s brains have several boxes, most men only open one box at a time, therefore able to focus more on what’s happening in the present. Women have boxes too but the difference is we usually have them all open at the same time causing overthinking! Again, the answer is being mindful, staying in the moment.
  5. Nurture your inner child. We all carry with us our experiences as a child. Many were neglected or abused. Even if you had a “normal” upbringing, there are always lingering effects of our childhood that can haunt us today. Recognize your inner child, get reacquainted with her and be the advocate she needed all those years ago. Soothing her will ultimately help your grown-up self-heal.

As it is with learning a new language or picking up a new hobby or sport, it requires a lot of practice and these steps require your daily attention.

Working on these steps will help you get started as you journey along the happy road of living with intention.

Cheers to living with intention!


Mindfulness: A Practice to calm your thoughts

Mindfulness: A Practice to calm your thoughts

The practice of mindfulness has been around for centuries and yet many are discovering its incredible benefits today.  In a nutshell, mindfulness is staying in the present moment and it requires practice.

Although some find it difficult at first, the concept is quite simple, keeping your mind only on what’s in front of you.  A friend described it like this: “what are you thinking about when you take your morning shower?” she asked. My answer was “well a million things, what emails need to go out first thing, who’s going to pick up the dry cleaning later today, did I call that person back etc.” She then told me that I should actually be thinking only of what I am doing in that present moment. For example, if I’m washing my hair I should be thinking about washing my hair!  What a concept I thought!

Being mindful simply requires that you keep your mind from wandering. Some call it “the monkey mind” or “the hamster wheel” when we allow our thoughts to leave the present moment and go to the future or the past.  Mindfulness has been proven to help those with PTSD syndrome and anxiety. There a number of ways to practice mindfulness such as being aware of your breathing, mindfulness exercising and eating practices. One mindfulness practitioner put it like this “stay where your feet are!” How many times have we found ourselves having to ask someone to repeat what they said to us? That’s usually because we are not being mindful of the person speaking. We are thinking about something else. Being mindful definitely takes practice. One friend said, “I now give myself permission not to think about anything unless it is a task or a thought that is in my present moment.” “Once I got the hang of it, the freedom is amazing!” she said.

At Wise Women Fitness, we use the practice of mindfulness while getting fit.  Exercise is a great way to practice mindfulness, helping our clients to stay in the moment and feel more at peace! Interested in learning more about our services?  Give us a call today for your free evaluation!