Detox Fads

Detox, Schmetox

As move into day 7 of my self-imposed detox, I find it fortuitous that I just came across an amazing research based nutrition article in the June issue of ACE Fitness Journal, entitled “’Detoxing’ Requires Guts!

After reading the article I am compelled to blog about it because I feel so strongly about its content and I wanted to impress upon you how important it is that you stop riding this danged merry-go-round of crappy nutrition and fast-fixes (which never really fix anything)!

I am not afraid to admit:  I’m not perfect – I never claim to be.  I am human and I too fall prey to jumping on that stupid merry-go-round when my life gets hectic (as it has been of late.)  But, I do recognize when the darn thing is spinning out of control – I feel bloated, tired, gassy and swollen like a puffer fish!  This is my signal that it’s time for me to leap OFF the ride.

So, I will share with you a quote that I tell all our beautiful wise women clients during their initial consultation meeting with me.  I refer to our bodies as ” the most amazing machine” and for good reason.  Simply put, your body is BRILLIANT!

YOUR BODY has its own built-in, BRILLIANT natural detoxification system!  It DOES NOT require any supplement, special drink, or ridiculous store-bought cleanse to detoxify.  Each and every single organ in your body is part of an intricate and brilliant operating system that needs nothing more than REAL food and GOOD hydration to prioritize its functions so the system will run efficiently and effectively.

These days, trendy words like “cleanse” or “detox” conjures thoughts of drinking nasty concoctions for days or seriously depriving your body of nutrients, doesn’t it?  But in reality, detoxing our body is just a simple way of eliminating the CRAP that we put into it.  In our very fast-paced world, we have become accustomed to heading to the drive-thru, reaching for prepared boxed frozen foods, fast-foods, quick-fixes, and any instant gratification to satisfy the grumbling in our gut, so much so that our body now overcompensates and struggles to function as it was intended to.  This leads us to then try and manage all the side-effects (weight gain, headaches, bloating, constipation, lethargy), with the latest probiotic, OTC medicines, liver detoxes (OMG, really?!) and ‘juice cleansing’ potions.

Instead of challenging, frustrating and irritating your amazing machine (a/k/a your body) with crappy nutrition and poor lifestyle choices, why not give it a break?  Give it the NATURAL resources it needs to support the optimal function of its built-in BRILLIANT detox system.

Deciding to take a detox break isn’t easy and it does require a little discipline, but the rewards are tremendous.  Your detox break doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be better! I promise you, once you get past the first few days of eliminating all the processed crud and toxins from your body, you will be amazed at how much better you look AND feel.  Improving your digestive nutrition will enable better health and better functioning of your incredible machine!

So, save your money. Email me with the subject line “detox” and I’ll send you a PDF of the full article “’Detoxing’ Requires Guts!”  This is a GREAT read and can really help you better understand how your digestive system functions so you can make better choices and you can FEEL better!

Until next time, stay healthy and stay informed.