Discover the Real You

Why you shouldn’t have permission to accept yourself for anything less than you are.

There’s a BIG problem spreading throughout world society in the last number of years, and like most ‘big problems’…it started with a lie.

For quite a while now it’s become the culturally acceptable norm to condone, and even celebrate, habitual and consistent overeating and under moving by giving us the simple permission to… “Accept and love yourself for who you really are”.

It’s a great sound bite, and probably looks good on a hallmark card, but it’s based in about as much reality as the Easter Bunny whose eggs you’re still enjoying in August.

The problem doesn’t lie with the intent or the journey, but with the destination.  You see, I’m all for accepting yourself for who you really are, AND loving yourself as well…so long as you have the very first clue WHO that “real you” actually is!

Watch the video below to find out why we won’t give ANYONE the permission to accept themselves for anything less than who they REALLY are.

Paul McIlroy, CSCS, BSc,
Creator of the Amazing 12 Program