Hope S.

I've been with Wise Women Fitness for about a month now, and I couldn't be happier! Such a great choice! Honestly, I've never liked working out, EVER. I dreaded and loathed it and just couldn't find the energy or motivation to get into a steady routine. I hated the gym atmosphere and felt uncomfortable or just lost on what to do for an effective workout. Since going to WWF, I now truly enjoy my workouts and actually look forward to my sessions every week which is a total first for me. I've worked with Lynn, the owner, who is a total gem and so encouraging and another trainer (also named Lynne) who was equally wonderful. I now work with Donna twice a week, and she so sweet and never fails to push me in just the right amounts when I need it. I feel myself getting stronger with every session, and am even now starting to see visible results after just one month. I never thought I'd love going to work out as much as I do going to Wise Women Fitness, and the trainers are always coming up with creative new workouts so I never am bored. I would recommend it for any woman! :)

Hope S., 22