Karan H.

This place is amazing! I was looking for a women-only fitness location that provided comprehensive individual training - a place where the needs of women at all stages of life would be addressed, and the training would be provided by women who have the expertise to handle clients with injuries, plus I wanted to feel comfortable in the environment. Wise Women Fitness delivers on all levels!! The owner, Lynn, genuinely cares about all who enter her place. From the moment I met her, she put me at ease, listening to my needs, concerns, and goals. Her passion for the well-being of all women, let alone her clients, is evident in every facet of her business. Now on to my trainer, Talpha. I have one word: phenomenal! She, too, has a passion for the well-being of women, and is outstanding in her approach. Her education and style are exactly what I needed. The results I'm seeing in my third week have propelled me to a new level of faith and confidence that I will achieve my health & fitness goals - something I haven't felt in many years. I cannot say enough about this amazing place that is Wise Women's Fitness. I am truly grateful.

Karan H., 52