Sarah C.

After I had finally reached a point where I realized I needed guidance and accountability to meet my health and fitness goals, I contacted Lynn at Wise Women Fitness. Committing to follow Lynn’s recommendations and working out with her two times a week has been the turning point in my life. The workouts are tailored to my needs and abilities, and after a month of being focused on nutrition and exercises in the studio for strength and flexibility, I have already seen dramatic changes – more than I believed possible in that short amount of time. I’ve lost inches, pounds, and my shape is noticeably changing – for the better! I have more energy, and I feel great about the positive changes I am making in my life. Let me be clear… I’ve attempted changing my nutrition and exercising before, but did not see changes. Lynn’s knowledge and guidance has made all the difference. I could not have made the progress I’ve made without her. I strongly recommend Wise Women Fitness if you are looking for someone who cares about you as a person, wants you to be healthy, wants to help you meet your health and fitness goals and has the knowledge to get you there.

Sarah C., 45