Tammy C.

When I went for my free consultation with Lynn at Wise Woman Fitness personal training in late August, I was the least physically fit I’ve ever been due to previous, separate, injuries to my shoulder and knee, coupled with years of no meaningful, regular, exercise which had lead to a 50 lb. weight-gain. I went for the consultation because I knew I needed help and Wise Woman Fitness was conveniently located and offered a private studio and a focus on women’s fitness. But, I signed-up for a six-month commitment after meeting with Lynn, because through our conversation I was confident she would push and challenge me to be my best – to increase my strength, muscle tone, improve my body shape, and my overall health and fitness. I didn’t want to be babied – and, she promised me she wouldn’t, but that she would start by creating a foundation to build my strength and fitness and to ensure continued success. I have been working out with Lynn three times per week for three months, and Lynn is responsible for huge changes in my strength and fitness. Lynn is highly motivating and focuses every minute on my workout which she tailors just for me. First, I am seeing reductions in my size and great increases in my strength, balance, and confidence. When I started with Lynn I was recovering from a torn rotator cuff tendon (supraspinatus), and was truly afraid to use my shoulder even after following weeks of doctor prescribed physical therapy. During this time, Lynn has built my strength and confidence in the most unbelievable way. With Lynn’s knowledge, experience, and encouragement, she has pushed me to challenge myself. When I began I could not hold myself up on my hands and knees. Now, I am doing push-ups, yoga downward dogs and other yoga moves requiring that I lift and hold my body-weight using my shoulders. I believe I would have never regained the strength and use of my shoulder if I had not started working out with Lynn when I did – this has been truly life changing! A trainer with Lynn’s knowledge and commitment is exceptional! Lynn has been great about first focusing on the fundamentals - mobility, balance, and core, which she continues to incorporate into each session. This created, and continues to create, a great foundation to increase the difficulty and intensity of my workouts. Lynn has now increased my sessions to very rigorous, higher intensity workouts for me, but always makes sure my form and fundamentals are solid during every drill. I am 58 and am so much stronger and more flexible now than I was 3 short months ago. If you want real change – go to Wise Woman Fitness and trust the process!
Tammy C., 58