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Tips for Staying Healthy as you Age

The 4 Best Ways to Age Well

Thinking about getting fit and staying healthy as we age can seem overwhelming. With all of the information overload on the web and social media, many feel a bit lost as to where to start and on what to focus. The following are simple (yet never easy!) steps to follow while addressing the best way to stay well as our bodies age.

  1. Nutrition: Yes, you are what you eat! We’ve heard the bad news about foods that can make us sick. But the good news is we can now focus on foods that can actually make us feel better. Following a balanced non-inflammatory diet, can not only keep us well, it can reverse previous damage! Plenty of high-fiber fruits, vegetables, and whole grains will not only help you feel better, it can fight disease. And don’t forget to stay hydrated. Dehydration is common and can cause a lack of energy and brain power in older adults. Water is also good medicine!
  1. Exercise: We all know it is an integral part of staying healthy during the aging process, but we seldom considerate fun.  Exercise can be more than fun, in fact, it can be euphoric! Even simple exercise programs cause your body to release endorphins which stabilize moods to fight anxiety and depression. It’s also a way to become part of a community which is next on this list!
  1. Community: As we age our relationships change. The kids leave the house, there may have been a divorce or death of a partner. With these changes comes a shift in our connection to others. Staying social is a key component to staying happy and healthy. It’s important to connect regularly with friends and family while making an effort to make new friends. Humans are tribe-like and need to be with others to stay well especially at the later stages of life.
  1. Sleep: We’ve all heard it’s important to get a good night’s sleep but more and more studies show that lack of sleep can make us sick. The following are some tips that can be helpful to those who have trouble sleeping: naturally boosting melatonin levels at night by avoiding artificial light (tv, computer, phone) at least an hour before bedtime. Make sure your bedroom is cool, quiet and dark. Go to bed at the same time every night and include a calming ritual of meditation or a bath.

Wise Women Fitness knows the upheavals in dealing with the aging process.  In many cases, women who join our program say they feel better than at any other stage in life.  We encourage women to challenge themselves in a gentle way and at their own pace. There is no reason that we should feel any less energetic and healthy in our later years.  Taking these 4 steps is a good place to start!

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