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Introducing our newest partner Carol Raymond, Thinking into Results Facilitator and Coach.

Carol Raymond

As we share our passion with you for health and wellness, we continually strive to educate, motivate and support you with ​exceptional ​personalized service enabling you to reach your ​health and wellness goals​, and reclaim the vitality, energy and wellbeing that you once had!

Your journey to better health and wellness is not only with exercise for the body, it is also exercise for your mind and as always, we are with you every step of the ​way​ – mind, body and spirit.​   So it’s only natural that our newest partner, Carol Raymond, certified “Thinking into Results” Facilitator and coach, is the perfect partner to guide our Wise Women along their journey to a healthy mind!   Join us in welcoming Carol and read more about her below.

I am so thrilled to be partnering with Lynn Valaes, owner of Wise Women Fitness. When we met each for the first time, it was though it was met to be. We are of “like mind” especially in honoring our “Mind, Body & Spirit”. It is interesting how two women who had successful careers in other industries decided to leave their careers to pursue their passions. My area of passion is our Incredible, magnificent MIND.

In 2008, I was first introduced to the book and the tapes of THE SECRET by Rhonda Byrne.  This truly resonated with me! I was so excited because for the first time I was beginning to understand ME a little better. I read her book and I started listening to her tapes in my car whenever possible. Then I got the book and tapes by Wallace D. Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich. Again, I listened to these tapes for months that turned into years.  Little did I realize that I was being guided to the Laws & the Principles of the Universe.  

THE SECRET is where I was introduced to Bob Proctor.  Over the years, these tapes shaped my world; I was changing. I still had questions but I felt so alive when I listened to these tapes that I had the emotion of hope in me. I started doing the exercises Rhonda (THE SECRET) suggested by making a lists of areas of my life I wanted to change and then I worked hard to visualize it. I worked on gratitude statements & visualizations in present tense for my weight, health, relationships, well­being, prosperity and for the simple beauty of our world that surrounds us thanks to the creation by God/ Infinite Power and that of Man.  Again, I did these exercises continuously at bedtime and in the morning. When I realized I had to make some major life changes 5 years later I was prepared, thanks to these tapes and THE SECRET.   My life changes included becoming single again, selling 2 homes, & moving across the country! This changes happened pretty quickly once I made a DECISION to do it. I took the necessary action and I let the Universe do the rest.

My life has changed so dramatically since I became a Certified Thinking Into Results Facilitator.  I started my own company, Create Success for Life, I am living in a State I love, and I am doing what I want to do with my life.  The KEY FOR ME IN MAKING THESE LIFE CHANGES WAS REPETITION & VISUALIZATION!!!!!! I did not understand everything that happened to me until I started studying “THINKING INTO RESULTS” with Bob Proctor and Sandra Gallagher. This program answered the many questions I had and helped me fully understand the changes that were taking place in my life. This has been the most incredible journey for me and I am forever grateful to Bob & Sandy and the fabulous staff of Proctor Gallagher Institute.

In just 6 months my programs can help participants achieve very specific goals such as: 

• New Job
• New Home
• Improved Relationships
• Better Financial Stability
• A Healthier Body and Mind 
• and much more

I love coaching this learning system to individuals, military, entrepreneurs, business professionals & corporations, helping them to close the gap between what they know and their actions; showing them how to achieve their greatest potential both personally and professionally!  Coaching and motivating individuals to realize their unlimited potential and the power they have to create their dreams is truly my passion!

Carol Raymond, Certified Thinking Into Results Facilitator
(360) 320-0242

Your friend and trainer,

Lynn Valaes, Owner
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Wise Women Fitness

Skipping Meals

Did you know skipping meals is one of the keys to packing on fat…especially skipping breakfast. Your metabolism goes into a state of deprivation causing the blood sugar levels to fluctuate. Research from Florida State University also shows that skipping meals leads to poor decision making and lack of self-control. Bottom line…don’t skip meals unless you want to store fat! This week I created a meal plan, gave you a shopping list, and even gave you two recipes! No excuses!   A big THANK YOU to our fitness colleague, Billy Beck III, for providing this super simple, and healthy meal plan!  Bonus recipes are also included.  Now get planning!

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Heart Disease and Women

Heart Disease and Women

Did you know that heart disease is the number 1 killer of women. And a woman’s symptoms of heart attack often vary greatly from the classic symptoms that men suffer such as crushing chest pain radiating down the left arm. Women are much more likely to suffer jaw or neck pain, pain between the shoulder blades, or shortness of breath with sweating (heck that’s me every day on my run). There may be stomach or chest pain, but heart attack may also present as fatigue. Speaking as a former coronary care nurse, I can also add “feeling of impending doom” associated with any of the symptoms as a red flag. Don’t be stoic, get to an ER right away and get checked out. Oh, and if you have that feeling of impending doom? Call 911. I personally know a number of women who did and didn’t that suffered heart attacks. Getting medical help pronto saved heart muscle.

But better than getting treatment is prevention. University of Florida has prepared this helpful infographic about the ins and outs of heart disease. Of course, prevention can be boiled down to a few simple interventions.  Want an easy three point plan to keep a healthy heart?  1. eat well, 2. de-stress,  3.  and keep moving.   Simple – so get to it!

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