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Happy 2016! Do you have “depleters” in your life?

LA LA LA LA LA LA – Do you have “depleters” in your life?

As we all start the new year with new goals and dreams, we will often be faced with those people who will try to hold us back from making progress on these goals.  Keep on the lookout for the ‘depleters” in your life!  I call them “depleters,” because they relentlessly try to deplete you of your motivation, your drive and your good intentions.  You know who I’m talking about; everyone has depleters in their life, me included.

Here’s my story of how I dealt with one depleter and hopefully this will help you to make sure your depleters don’t keep you from making the progress you deserve.  I’m also going to give you my new Total Body Conditioning Bodyweight Circuit but I’m saving that for last.


Here’s a scenario that I’m sure you’ve encountered before – I go out to lunch with a close friend, whose name is “Cassie” (for anonymity); she orders the chicken wings with a large bag of chips and regular coke. I ordered a greek salad with grilled chicken, dressing on the side, and a water with lemon.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I love greek salads. They’ve been one of my favorite salads since moving to South Tampa (you know the place to get the best!)

Anyway, aside from tasting awesome, greek salads are low calorie, high protein, and super filling which makes them pretty valuable to my body and my crazy metabolism. Plus, they also support my goals of staying lean and living a healthier lifestyle.   They’re a win-win-win!

So back to my original story, I was out to lunch with Cassie, I ordered the greek salad (with chicken and dressing on the side), and you know what she did?

She tried to make me feel bad about it.  After we ordered, she snipped at me and said, “Why do you always have to do that? Why don’t you live a little and eat something unhealthy once in awhile?”

Well, I felt like sending my salad across the table.  But, did I say anything?  Nope – I just smiled and sipped on my lemon water.

Why did she think it was O.K. to say that? I didn’t say anything to her about her meal.  It certainly irked me.

Now occasionally  I may joke about what you eat, but I would never tell you (or anyone, for that matter) to eat differently unless you specifically asked for my advice and, even then, I am cautious because I’m not a nutritionist.

So, back to the story.  I just let the comment fly by me and smiled – I changed the subject to talk about what was happening locally and in the news.  This quickly deflected the comment and redirected the focus of the conversation.

Could I have gotten angry? Could I have gotten embarrassed? Let Cassie’s comment eat at me? Sure, I could have, but that would accomplish absolutely nothing (except making me look like an a##).

So, instead, I just let the comment roll off my back, I ignored it, moved on, and, most importantly, I stuck to ordering what I knew was the best decision for me .

So, the point here is – do what’s best For YOU!

Let me remind you about the importance of doing what’s best for YOU.  Not what’s best for your co-workers, not your friends (are they really friends?), no one else except YOU.

No matter what you do or where you go in life there will always be “depleters”, always.  And, unfortunately, many of them will be your friends and family. But, don’t let them get to you.

You need to remember and you need to know with all of your heart that what you’re doing is worth it to YOU. That you are treating your body properly, working hard to achieve your goals, and relentlessly pursuing your own path to happiness and success.

Do that and there’s no way you can go wrong.

All this brings me to the Total Body Conditioning Bodyweight Circuit I mentioned above.

In the spirit of 2016 and “relentlessly pursuing your own path to happiness and success,” I’m excited to share with you the total body conditioning bodyweight circuit.  This is a quick 10 minute circuit of high intensity and calorie burning exercises that is part of our upcoming “28 Day Fit and Lean Project 2016” which hasn’t been announced on social media yet. (shhhhh!)

I’m considering  offering the 28 Day Fit and Lean Project 2016 with the rest of our Wise Women Fitness family at a reduced cost, but before I make any decisions I want to know what you think of this workout and if you’re interested.

So If you want access to this quick, effective conditioning circuit hit “reply” to this e-mail and say “I WANT TOTAL BODY CONDITIONING IN MY INBOX…NOW!”

Here’s to YOU and wishing you a very Happy New Year filled with good health, prosperity and much love in 2016 … stay healthy!

Your friend and trainer,

Lynn Valaes
Owner, ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Wise Women Fitness