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What’s in your medicine cabinet?

Supplements may seem like a healthy choice, but take them with care.

With so many of our Wise Women Fitness taking a variety of medications for different physical conditions, it can be very tempting to want to take a supplement to increase your health benefits.  While supplementation may seem like a good idea, you must be very careful as many of these supplements can cause very dangerous interactions with your current medications!

Some of these supplements or ‘over-the-counter’ drugs can make your prescription drugs less effective or increase dangerous side effects.   A study in the JAMA Internal Medicine revealed that 15 percent of adults are at risk of major drug-drug interactions, including drug-supplement interactions. It’s always a good idea to check online to be certain what your are taking does not have any dangerous side effects with your prescription medication.  Be VERY careful if you are planning on taking any of these eight supplements.

As always, stay informed and stay healthy!

Yours in health,