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We’ve got a new team member: Annalise Lamia

Welcome to the team!

Wise Women Fitness is thrilled to announce the arrival of our newest team member – Annalise Lamia

Annalise is an NSCA-CPT with a degree in biology and exercise science. She believes that health is wealth and her mission to empower others to discover how great the human body is designed to feel.

Born and raised in New York, Annalise began her fitness lifestyle as a cardio addict and rugby player during her first year of college. After an injury she began to learn more about the body and training and decided to pursue exercise science. She studied at the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences in NYC and began working at Lifetime Fitness.

A desire for a fresh start, lifestyle change and warmer weather caused her to move to Tampa, Florida at the end of 2014 where she currently does personal training primarily for injury prevention, strength gains and weight loss clients. When she’s not training clients, she can be found making specialty coffee drinks, listening to live music, or training for powerlifting and strong woman competitions.

Please join me in welcoming Annalise to the Wise Women Fitness Family!

As always, yours in health,

Lynn V.


You Have All the Answers Within You

You have all the answers within you, so trust your inner voice.

Trusting your inner voice is empowering and can be the key to keeping you on your life’s path. Remember to respect your own opinion instead of seeking validation from the opinions of others. There can be tendency to find security in letting others make decisions for you. After all, if things don’t go well, then you can blame someone else for the decision. But your opinions matter and its your instincts that lead you to make the best decisions. So remember that you are wise and take the time to be still and listen to your inner voice. Click here to find out more from Madison Taylor at .

As always, stay informed and stay healthy!

Yours in health,