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Breast Cancer and Exercise

Breast Cancer and Exercise

Why Exercise is Critical to your Recovery

While everyone can agree, exercise is part of a recipe for a better, healthier life, and exercise can do some amazing things.  Not only can it help us control our weight, decrease our risk of disease, but it can also make is physically stronger, improve our emotional well being and keep us independent.

As a breast cancer survivor, exercise can help you take control of your life in a new world that leaves you feeling out of control.   It can help you live strong, take better care of yourself physically and emotionally so you can look to the future!  The benefits of exercise before, during and after your cancer treatment are too numerous to mention and the medical community agrees!

Knowledge is power!

In 2009 the American College of Sports Medicine (“ACSM”) assembled a panel of medical experts to evaluate the safety and benefits of exercise for cancer survivors and the results were conclusive.  In 2010, ACSM issued these results in formal guidelines on exercise for cancer survivors entitled “Exercise Guidelines for Cancer Survivors“.  The roundtable concluded that exercise is both safe and beneficial for survivors in not only physical strength, fatigue, quality of life, but also increasing survival rates and reducing possible recurrence of cancer.

When you have been released by your doctor and ready to return to your exercise regimen after surgery, or you have never exercised and it’s time to rebuild your strength and relieve pain after treatment, it is important that you exercise safely and appropriately, as your physical exercise needs are unique.

In the wonderful world of the internet, knowledge is now just a click away so you have endless resources to educate yourself on what you can or can’t do with respect to exercise. is a great place to start.   If you re not comfortable with starting out on your own, the next best route is to work with a certified cancer exercise trainer who has experience working with survivors.

Remember, as a post-surgical breast cancer survivor, your needs are unique.  It’s probably a good bet that the personal trainer at the gym down the street doesn’t have the experience or the credentials to work with a survivor.  As a survivor, your return to exercise is a slow, progressive and gentle process of restoring your strength, range of motion and mobility.

Whether you decided to go it alone, or if you need help, Wise Women Fitness is here for you.  When you work with our certified Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist, you can feel safe, confident and comfortable knowing that you’re health and wellness needs are in good hands.  If you’d like more information visit our Pink Ribbon Program webpage.

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Plant-based Diets for a Healthy Heart

Plant-based Diets for a Healthy Heart

Having a plant based diet doesn’t automatically make you healthy. Being vegan or vegetarian can be a great choice for your health, but only if you are making the right food choices. Studies show that individuals who ate plenty of healthy plant foods — such as vegetables, beans and whole grains — did have a lower risk of heart disease. This was not true, however, if people loaded up on foods that are technically plant-based, but not all that healthy.  Diets heavy in pasta, bread, potatoes and sweets appeared just as bad as, if not worse than, diets high in animal products.

You can read about the study here from CBS news.

Copy of 21 Day (1)

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