Personal Trainer

We are seeking an enthusiastic, skilled, and inspiring certified female personal trainer to join our growing team of amazing female coaches.

We are a boutique personal training studio providing women with a casual, non-intimidating workout environment.

Our primary mission is to educate, motivate, and support our clients to improve their overall health and fitness and help them to be the very best they can be.

You must have a positive attitude, highly motivated personality, and the ability to encourage clients to reach their fitness goals.

We offer an excellent hourly training rate, lots of flexibility with scheduling, a supportive and motivating team culture with none of the stress of a big-box gym sales requirements. You have the opportunity to earn a higher hourly trainer rate based on your recruitment of clientele!

The training hours could be early morning or late afternoon to evening so we prefer a candidate who lives in the Tampa area.


  • Nationally recognized PT cert with up-to-date CEs(ACE, NASM, ACSM, or similar)
  • Current CPR/AED certification
  • Minimum 3-5 years of personal training experience
  • Current professional liability insurance policy
  • Experience training the senior population
  • Custom program design for all physical conditions
  • Corrective & post-rehab exercise programming
  • Understanding of anatomy, kinesiology, proprioception
  • Nutritional knowledge
  • Self-motivated and responsible
  • Excellent communication skills

Duties include:

  • Programming: safe, detailed exercise progression specific to each client’s abilities and goals. One size does NOT fit all.
  • Track client’s progress: current successes, and challenges, review nutrition and exercise journals. Hold the client accountable for her health and fitness program to ensure the best possible results.
  • Perform fitness evaluations: body composition, weight, girth measurements, heart rate, strength and flexibility tests.
  • Training skills: Demonstrate proper exercise technique, instruction, and motivation during all sessions and make detailed progress notes. If a client has challenges, train, motivate her and make appropriate changes to ensure consistent progress.
  • Share knowledge of health and fitness. Our clients rely on us for their health and fitness needs. We provide education on various topics that empower them to lead healthy lives forever.

Please include a cover letter explaining why you would be a good fit for our team.

Thank you for your interest!

Apply online:  APPLY HERE and please include a cover letter explaining why you would be a good fit for our team.

Administrative Assistant Superstar

If you are passionate about wanting to help women change their lives and you want to make a difference in our local community, we have a job opportunity for you.

My name is Lynn Valaes and I own an all-female fitness studio in South Tampa (Wise Women Fitness). I am looking to hire a creative, smart, forward thinking, motivated, and an energetic superstar to help me with the administrative duties.

I need my very own “Radar O’Reilly” (are you old enough to remember the show Mash?), someone who I can connect with to help free me up from the daily tasks so I can focus on growing my business and changing women’s lives!

These part-time position hours will typically be from 10 to 15 per week depending on my schedule, tasks, and activities happening in the studio, including attendance at occasional special events with the opportunity for more hours based on performance and as we grow!

HONESTY, INTEGRITY, WORK ETHIC– if you do not possess all of these values, there is no need to apply.

Main requirements for the position are as follows:

  • Social Media. You must be super comfortable with posting on various social media sites, anywhere from Facebook to Google Business.
  • Facebook AdsManager. Having AdsManager experience would be a huge asset to me.
  • Microsoft Office. You must be experienced and comfortable using Word and Publisher. You’ll need to create flyers, make edits and changes when necessary and ready for print. BasicExcel skills are also needed but nothing too advanced, just some simple spreadsheets. But you must be comfortable doing what I need you to do.
  • Excellent phone personality/etiquette: You MAY be talking with my customers, prospective customers, all of which are VERY important to me–the lifeblood of my business.

You must be extremely comfortable conversing on the phone and in person (when necessary) with existing clients, former clients and prospective clients. Professionalism is NUMBER ONE! I’ll teach you everything you need to say and do, but I can’t teach you manners and professionalism.

Additional duties (not inclusive) will be:

  • Email: A ton of our work is through email. I use a powerful web-based CRM program called ActiveCampaign, so if you have experience with this type of software, that is a bonus. You must be able to write clear, concise and declarative emails so our clients and prospective clients understand the message you are trying to convey.
  • Writing. We often publish blogs and Facebook content. From time to time we need help writing or editing content.
  • Client (current and lost) Maintenance. Client session logs, birthday/anniversary recognition (cards & social media), paperwork, lost client follow up, etc.
  • Facility Maintenance. Dusting, organization, trash removal.
  • Thoughtfulness and organization: I need you to be able to think for yourself, be organized, be enthusiastic about wanting to help, and passionate about doing good things for people. I am very serious about this one. I’m not looking for a robot, I want someone who wants to learn and grow with me.

There are a ton of other little miscellaneous duties that arise from time-to-time, but they are all administrative.

If you think you are my future “superstar”, please apply here and include a cover letter explaining to me why.