How Foam Rolling Can Enhance Your Everyday Movements

How Foam Rolling Can Enhance Your Everyday Movements

In today’s fast paced society, we don’t always take time out for certain self-care regimens until something hurts or something knocks us down for the count.  Every day, we drive around in our cars, text on our phones, sit at desks, or squeeze in that morning workout with just enough time for a shower and a quick breakfast on the go all while putting our muscle efficiency on the back burner. Just a couple of weeks into this routine, we feel “tightness” in our muscles or aches in the joints. If muscle tension and excess soreness post-training are something you experience, read on!

Foam rolling is a key component to endurance, strength, workout recovery and postural improvements.  Foam rolling is essentially a self myofacial release, meaning it breaks up the scar tissue you’ve formed through daily routines and working out  (aka its like a self-massage).  We do not always have the time and or money to dedicate to weekly massages, so why not spend some quality time foam rolling and helping prevent those pesky knots we let our massage therapists handle.  Once the knots are broken up, you gain better blood flow to the muscle and better joint mobility. Foam rolling has comparable benefits to stretching since it helps break up areas of tension allowing for a deeper stretch which in turn reduces the risk of many injuries for individuals like you.  This means less unnecessary aches, more strength, endurance and flexibility? Yes please.

If you are not familiar with what a foam roller looks like (see below), it is typically 12 to 36 inches in length, and 6 inches in diameter.   They can be found at a very affordable price in most stores as well as online with varying densities.  It is important to remember as you begin a foam rolling routine that you may want to start out on a low density roller and graduate to a high density roller. Low density is less pressure and therefore a little softer for the novice foam-roller. Athletes and amateurs alike have taken up a habit of foam rolling before or after a workout…so why shouldn’t you?









It is easy to try and squeeze in an extra exercise or to skip the stretch after a long run instead of foam rolling or cooling down.  While it is not imperative to foam roll immediately post workout, do yourself a favor.  Keep yourself in action and make sure to put aside even just ten minutes of your day or night to foam rolling.  You and your muscles will love the results, I promise.  And don’t forget – a good massage therapist cannot be replaced as they keep you at the top of your game! The foam roller is an added self-care tool to helps keep those spa visits more enjoyable and less of a last resort for a nagging knot.

Coming soon…how to incorporate foam rolling into your daily routine!

In strength,
Annalise Lamia