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What has happened to the fitness industry?

The “New” Fat Loss/Fitness Industry

This is a POWERFUL guest blog post, courtesy of fellow fitness professional, Dan Wells.

What’s wrong with the fat loss industry? Lots of things. This one really lit a fire ūüĒ• under my a*s this week.

A certain Free Challenge program is making its way around the country. What is happening is destroying the industry. It’s destroying people’s relationships with their food and their image and is leaving a scattered trail of people who are now worse off then when they first started, here’s why……

Challenges are great, sometimes. The big problem is it creates an all out extreme effort and restriction mentality. This is translated through extreme caloric restriction and going to extremes with workouts, going 6 days a week and sometimes 2 times a day because the general public is taught that more exercise is better and less food is better and if they hit their goals, they will win a prize. This could be furthest from the truth and I believe is a contributing factor to why people fail in the long run.

Challenges are destroying people’s mindsets and are only perpetuating ideals that ultimately lead to unhealthy, non-sustainable lifestyle and ultimately, huge failure rates with massive rebound mentality. Even if a facility promotes not going to extremes, the average person rarely understands that extremes are not necessary for great results and ultimately do what they “think” is best, eating 1200 calories, working out to extremes.¬† I know this doesn’t work any better, I get my clients better results in just 3 days a week than 4, 5 or 6 days a week without going to extremes.

The free 6 Week challenge costs around $500 and if the contestant reaches a specific goal (which are very unrealistic) they get their money back.  Imagine what this is doing to people. A facility where I live ran it and only 3 out of 20 some reached their goals, eating 1200 calories and extreme exercise 6-7 days a week. For women especially, this is not only damaging their mindset but also their hormones and metabolism which is important to fat loss for women.

All while some guy is making millions of dollars off of this pretending to be some pariah helping save people’s gyms or helping them make money at the expense of real people who have real goals and real hopes.

I understand this post might not be well received by some.¬† But I am a professional who has mastered the long term sustainable results game with out going to extremes. Who has seen and fixed hundreds of damaged women and men and understands that workouts for fat burning is the least important thing to focus on. (Workouts don’t actually burn fat like most people thinks it does.) What matters more is what happens the other 23 hours out of the day.¬† It is my duty to call bullsh*t and stop looking the other way.

We need to do better, we need to teach lifestyle, learned strategies and behavioral modifications. We need to stop with the rah rah and give people what they really need, not orange lights, HR monitors, recycled meal plans or promises of 1000 calorie burn workouts. Not burpees to death just because they are tough.

Instead, quality training and nutrition that evaluates and meets each individual where they are at, and then progresses them from there. Yes, that’s hard to do and that’s where most places stop. That’s just not good enough anymore, at least not in my book.¬† People’s lives and health are at stake here and too many places are playing God but can’t deliver what it takes to truly improve people’s lives, mindset, health and fitness. It’s time for change, it’s time for the industry to get better not worse.¬† I’m not saying don’t do challenges, just recognize the psychology of the general public, and prevent them from going to extremes.¬† I know I started my business to change people’s lives and that means going beyond the norm and standing for quality not quantity.

At Wise Women Fitness, we take your health and fitness seriously, one baby step at a time.  Want to learn more?  Come visit us and take a tour of the studio.

Until then, stay healthy, stay educated, and stay informed!

Yours in health,


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