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“I don’t want to bulk up!”

“I don’t want to bulk up!”

Is this your reason for not lifting weights?  I know, I know. You don’t want to bulk up, you just want to “tone.”  Is this your reason for not lifting weights?  If I had a dime for every time I heard this excuse…

If you think another hour on the treadmill or elliptical is going to “tone” you up, think again.

There’s only one way to tone muscle and that’s to use it.  You build muscle by contracting it to overcome the resistance of some force: gravity, your body weight or a dumbbell, for example.  The work of overcoming that resistance causes micro-trauma in the fibers, and it’s the repairing of that micro-trauma that builds muscle.

Plenty of women still believe the myth that lifting weights will make them bulky and shredded.  Trust me, unless you are willing to spend hours in the gym, monitor every bite you take and probably take male hormones and steroids, lifting weights will not make you bulky.

Very few women have the genetic make up and discipline it takes to bulk up.  Weight training will, however, make you stronger, leaner and healthier.  Here are the top three reasons you really need to begin lifting weights.

  1. Muscle burns calories and boosts metabolism.  Muscle is more metabolically active than fat. Even at rest, muscle is burning calories just to maintain and remodel muscle proteins. The real metabolic benefit of weight training doesn’t come just from adding muscles, though; it comes from using them. The process of repairing exercise-induced micro-trauma is energy-intensive, meaning you burn more calories than if your muscles weren’t repairing themselves. Because of the active nature of muscle fiber, a more muscular 150-pound woman will burn more calories than a less muscular 150-pound woman because a greater percentage of her weight is made up of active, calorie-consuming tissue.
  2. Weight training builds bones.  Bone tissue is continuously being broken down to supply the body with minerals and rebuilt to provide structural strength. When bone is subjected to stressful forces–like bearing the weight of the body or overcoming the resistance of weight training–it responds by producing more bone tissue. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates that more than 50% of women and 20% of men over the age of 50 will suffer a broken bone due to osteoporosis sometime in their lives. You can improve your odds by building strong bones with weight training. As an added bonus, the improved muscle function can also help you maintain your balance which helps prevent falls from happening in the first place.
  3. Weight training slows the aging process and fights diseases of aging.  Weight training increases the mitochondrial content of muscle tissue.  Mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cells, helping generate the energy that fuels cellular activity.  With age, our mitochondria can begin to malfunction, resulting in wider cellular damage and visible signs of aging.  A number of studies have found that regular exercise including resistance training can slow or even reverse the malfunctioning of mitochondria.  Resistance training has also been shown to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, lower resting blood pressure and improve blood lipid profiles.

A healthy weight training routine engages all the major muscle groups, trains the muscles to the point of fatigue to maximize the rebuilding process, and allows 48-72 hours of recovery time between training sessions.  The benefits of weight training are available to you whatever your age when you start and no matter how inactive you have been. A personal fitness trainer can help you design a safe and effective weight training program just for you.

At Wise Women Fitness, we take your health and fitness seriously, one baby step at a time.  Want to learn more?  Come visit us and take a tour of the studio.

Until then, stay healthy, stay educated, and stay informed!

Yours in health,


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Living with Intention: 5 easy steps to get started

Living with Intention: 5 easy steps to get started.

Does the term ” live with intention” sound familiar?  It seems to be the buzz these days. But what does it really mean?  Well if you ask Mary Anne Radmacher, author of “Live with Intention” it can be best explained in a simple poem.


Now let’s break it down to 5 steps to jump start our practice of intention:

  1. Identify your perfect day. Who are you with?  Where are you and what are you doing? This practice helps us envision our life as we would most want to see it. Many have benefited from creating a vision board.  It’s a fun exercise of identifying pictures from magazines that are meaningful to you and creating a collage. The finished product should be displayed somewhere in your home that you will look at it often.
  2. No more compare and despair! Many of us have the “social media addiction.” And experts say it’s a sure-fire way to get caught up in comparing ourselves to others. We see their smiling faces on an island somewhere in paradise and immediately think they are happier and richer than us. Comparing ourselves to others almost always leaves us feeling less than.
  3. Face your Fears. The greatest thing that holds us back in all facets of our life is fear. Anxiety levels, especially in women, are said to be at their highest these days. Staying present and dealing with one issue at a time is a good way to overcome our fears. Give yourself permission to not think about things that are in the past or future. Focus only on the here and now.
  4. Stop Overthinking. Women are the greatest offenders of this! And it is easily explained. Men’s brains have several boxes, most men only open one box at a time, therefore able to focus more on what’s happening in the present. Women have boxes too but the difference is we usually have them all open at the same time causing overthinking! Again, the answer is being mindful, staying in the moment.
  5. Nurture your inner child. We all carry with us our experiences as a child. Many were neglected or abused. Even if you had a “normal” upbringing, there are always lingering effects of our childhood that can haunt us today. Recognize your inner child, get reacquainted with her and be the advocate she needed all those years ago. Soothing her will ultimately help your grown-up self-heal.

As it is with learning a new language or picking up a new hobby or sport, it requires a lot of practice and these steps require your daily attention.

Working on these steps will help you get started as you journey along the happy road of living with intention.

Cheers to living with intention!

Mindfulness: A Practice to calm your thoughts

Mindfulness: A Practice to calm your thoughts

The practice of mindfulness has been around for centuries and yet many are discovering its incredible benefits today.  In a nutshell, mindfulness is staying in the present moment and it requires practice.

Although some find it difficult at first, the concept is quite simple, keeping your mind only on what’s in front of you.  A friend described it like this: “what are you thinking about when you take your morning shower?” she asked. My answer was “well a million things, what emails need to go out first thing, who’s going to pick up the dry cleaning later today, did I call that person back etc.” She then told me that I should actually be thinking only of what I am doing in that present moment. For example, if I’m washing my hair I should be thinking about washing my hair!  What a concept I thought!

Being mindful simply requires that you keep your mind from wandering. Some call it “the monkey mind” or “the hamster wheel” when we allow our thoughts to leave the present moment and go to the future or the past.  Mindfulness has been proven to help those with PTSD syndrome and anxiety. There a number of ways to practice mindfulness such as being aware of your breathing, mindfulness exercising and eating practices. One mindfulness practitioner put it like this “stay where your feet are!” How many times have we found ourselves having to ask someone to repeat what they said to us? That’s usually because we are not being mindful of the person speaking. We are thinking about something else. Being mindful definitely takes practice. One friend said, “I now give myself permission not to think about anything unless it is a task or a thought that is in my present moment.” “Once I got the hang of it, the freedom is amazing!” she said.

At Wise Women Fitness, we use the practice of mindfulness while getting fit.  Exercise is a great way to practice mindfulness, helping our clients to stay in the moment and feel more at peace! Interested in learning more about our services?  Give us a call today for your free evaluation!

Make 2018 your Resolution REVOLUTION!

Get your mind, body and spirit ready for a REVOLUTION!

Give yourself a New You this New Year!

Increased bone density, good mental health and a longer life span are just a few of the incredible benefits of getting fit.  Fifty-plus women have unique issues when it comes to taking care of their bodies. Many menopausal and post-menopausal women present with health issues that can easily be reversed with exercise and diet.  Even a moderate exercise schedule can not only keep the weight in check, but it also lowers the risk of stress, anxiety and depression, all of which tend to show up during and beyond menopause.

“I have literally seen clients change, not just their appearance, but their outlook on life, with increased self-acceptance and good reports from their doctors,” says Lynn Valaes, owner of Wise Women Fitness in south Tampa. “I have also found that women in their 50’s and 60’s are longing for companionship, particularly after the children leave the nest.  Wise Women  Fitness gives these women an opportunity to bond and form a tribe,” says Valaes.

So are you ready to make your new year’s resolution a revolution in 2018?  This new year will bring some new programs to Wise Women Fitness.  Clients can attend a workshop, work out together in small groups, take a Zumba Fitness class or have private one-one training sessions.  Private training programs are custom-made to fit each individual’s needs to include work on improving muscle mass, strength, balance, and coordination.  Studies show that women can enjoy a good quality of life after menopause without hormone treatment. Most importantly, exercise is the key to staying healthy; Osteoporosis, the greatest ailment in older women, can be kept under control with exercise. Blood sugar levels can be stabilized and, in some cases, exercise can reverse the damaging effects of diabetes. Decreasing the risk of heart disease and cancer have been attributed to a consistent exercise regimen as well.

Valaes tells many of her new skeptical clients, “Even if you have never lifted a weight or done a sit up in your life, we can gently ease you into a new freedom of feeling fit!”

Come join the fun and get fit in 2018!  Call us at Wise Women Fitness to schedule your free assessment today!