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Wise Women Fitness is a casual south Tampa fitness studio offering yoga, personal training and private group fitness, all in good company – women.

Our studio is unique from other yoga and training studios. There are no male trainers, no staff in skimpy outfits – just real women with a mission to help REAL women get fit and healthy. Experience the difference between your gym’s personal trainer and our personal training and see for yourself – we put the ‘personal’ back in personal training.  Come on out, have fun and get fit while enjoying the company and support of other women in a studio created for women, by women.

 Finally, a fitness program you can call your own!
Menopause is a universal experience. It is not a disease. Each woman experiences it in her own unique way.

Menopause will define one-half of your life.  Women in menopause now consider who they are now, how they want to manage the many life and health events that are normal for women in this greater part of life, and to emotionally prepare for the nonsense that society has inflicted on women as they enter a stage where reproducing is not the main event. This is your life. Decide now how you want to live it!

The Meno Fitness Solution!

 This all-inclusive 4 week program is designed exclusively for women ages 40-65 and is designed to help you through the menopausal years so you can be stronger, healthier but most of all, happier! Go ahead – create your own workout partners, bring your friends, sisters and mothers and have fun!

Are you ready to start your journey to a healthier and happier YOU?!  Get ready to rediscover how you can take back control of your life! Call Lynne Ramsdell, certified Meno Fitness Trainer, for a FREE consultation!

Remember, no one knows a woman, like another woman.

Hurry, program space is limited!

 Lynn Valaes, Owner/CPT

Wise Women Fitness is your South Tampa personal trainer where your fitness assessment is always South Tampa Personal Trainer Wise Women Fitness free burst

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Wise Women Fitness is located in South Tampa at: 3311 S. West Shore Blvd. Tampa, FL 33629 Check us out on Thumbtack Personal Training for Women


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