Pink Ribbon Program

Don’t just survive, thrive!


Are you a breast cancer survivor struggling to regain movement and return to day-to-day activities of life?  Have you just recently been released for physical activity and realize that you have no idea where to start?  Let us help you return to a NEW normal with the Pink Ribbon Program.

Wise Women Fitness is honored to offer the Pink Ribbon Program, a certified, post-surgical exercise therapy program designed specifically for the needs of breast cancer survivors.

We want every woman to regain a sense of well-being that seems to have been lost long after diagnosis and post-surgery.  For breast cancer patients, post-surgical rehabilitation is a key component to recovery but unfortunately, for many women, rehab can be very limited and often missing completely in the treatment of breast cancer. The Pink Ribbon Program was created by a woman for women to provide rehabilitation and enhanced recovery after breast cancer surgery.

Benefits of The Pink Ribbon Program

  • Regain Strength and Mobility in Affected Shoulder and Arm
  • Promotes Lymphatic Drainage, Helping to Prevent Lymphedema
  • Improves Functional Ability and Quality of Life
  • Enhances and Restores Energy Levels
  • Assists in Restoring Posture
  • Decreases Stress and Anxiety
  • Alleviates Pain and Swelling


Recommended resources for information on Breast Cancer and Exercise:

For more details call 813.310.2628 and let us help you return to a NEW normal!